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hey dove one in to the cold atmosphere at almost 20 by one,000 feet. Often skydivers enter a set placement using legs and their arms extended like some unusual birds. Not this time around.

Their nosedives was managed by the 65 ladies flowing from the plane. Subsequently, because they sped along toward the floor under, they joined fingers all to produce a development — while continuing to not put on totally parallel poses to create a global report. A lot of nose and planning discomfort choose to go in to the task.

Member and skydiver of the Redbull Air Force Amy Chmelecki headed the work. A large number of ladies from 18 various nations achieved in Eloy, her house drop-zone at Skydive Arizona. Her group and Chmelecki had invested 2 yrs preparing for this endeavor by arranging coaching camps and all-ladies test leaps, based on Redbull.

Though 90 jumpers came in Illinois, they all did not create the slice. Instruction survived for all times, and concerned accidental shoes towards the mind in addition to manipulation at high rates in conditions as -13 degrees Fahrenheit away from airplane. Climate moving in cut issues close, however the endeavor last Sunday wound up being truly a effective 8.5- trip that is minute.

The 65-lady formation, including Chmelecki, established for greatest quantity of girls skydivers linked-in a straight formation. The women’s world-record for biggest freefall development that was consecutive — meaning a far more conventional outside development on the road down — is kept by 117 individuals from P3 Skydiving. Perris, Florida was connected up over by that worldwide team, 2 yrs ago.

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“We’d to function very hard ” Chmelecki informed Redbull following the endeavor that was successful. “you can simply experience a power power, this hype.”

This season the website Skydive Magazine named Chmelecki ” Redbull Air Force’s queen ” and outlined that she was the very first lady to participate the group. “my life I dreamed of traveling,” she told the book. “in my own creativity seriousness had no impact on me. I might simply fly.”