Foldable Cardboard


The James Dyson released today (November. 17) that Isis Shiffer may be the 2016 Worldwide Champion of the James Dyson Prize on her EcoHelmet style — a retractable, biodegradable bike helmet that may be distributed through vending products at metropolitan bicycle-share channels.

The competition granted $45,000 to Shiffer, and supplied one more $7,500 towards the college division where she analyzed executive and design.

Sir James Dyson, founding father and creator of the honor, recognized the EcoHelmet for showing the issue of supplying inexpensive, available lids to customers of metropolitan bicycle-share applications with an easy and “stylish” solution.

The EcoHelmet, that will be created completely of cardboard, is small enough when collapsed to suit in a bag. It cushions the individualis mind with honeycomb- paper that directs and absorbs influences, defending individuals from damage.

“I anticipate viewing EcoHelmets utilized around the globe in bicycle stocks,” Dyson stated in a declaration.

Worldwide runners up contain “Respia,” an asthma management program that runs on the wearable area to check respiratory health insurance and identify stress faster, and also the “Wise Contact System,” which uses devices inserted in a contact to monitor sugar levels for diabetics.

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